chapter  Chapter 9
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Inhibitors for Rebars in Simulated Concrete Pore Solution: An Overview

WithSusai Rajendran, Gurmeet Singh

Reinforced concrete plays a major role in the modern construction field, and the degradation of concrete structures due to corrosion in reinforcing steel results in damage to people and property. The corrosion behavior of steel in a simulated concrete pore solution (SCPS) is analyzed in the absence and presence of organic, inorganic, and natural extracts. Corrosion behavior of various steel alloys in SCPS has been investigated in the presence and absence of inorganic and organic inhibitors. Usually mild steel, prestressed steel, galvanized steel, polycoated steel, and steel rebar have been used. Various inhibitors are used to prevent corrosion in steel immersed in SCPS in various mediums and at different temperatures and pH values. The potentiodynamic polarization curves of mild steel immersed in well water in the absence and presence of an inhibitor system. The inhibition efficiency of Hibiscus in controlling corrosion of mild steel in SCPS has been evaluated by the weight loss method and electrochemical studies.