chapter  Chapter One
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Law & Order meets Freud & Jung

The Trials of Analysis
WithGreg Mogenson

Numerous examples of the figurative use of legal terminology and of the figure of judicial proceedings can be adduced from within the discourse of psychotherapy and analysis. Sigmund Freud argued the case for the legitimacy of the non-medically trained analyst while at the same time making the wider and theoretically more important point that “psychoanalysis is not a specialized branch of medicine,” but rather, a thoroughgoing way of doing psychology. The point of commonality between the association experiment’s psychiatric and forensic use, as Freud pointed out, was that it led the subject to inadvertently represent, or in Freud’s words, to “mentally betray,” what he or she had unconsciously concealed. An aspect of C. G. Jung’s diagnosis of evidence studies has to do with the re-integration or inwardization of their methodological focus back into the day-to-day work of the analyst and psychiatrist.