chapter  Chapter Two
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Before the Bar of the Notion

WithGreg Mogenson

Surveying the field of psychology it is obvious that just as Heidegger spoke of modernity as being characterized by a “forgetfulness of Being,” so there has been in psychology a forgetfulness of what might variously be called the syntax of consciousness, the logic of man’s world-relation at particular historical epochs, or more simply put, “the soul.” The notional mirrors of the law and psychology do not first exist and then get polished, but are produced by the polishing action of dialectical reversal. In complete contrast to the reductive approach to things spiritual that he had railed against in Sigmund Freud, C. G. Jung, in a paper on the topic of psychology and literature, set what he calls “the visionary” off from “the psychological” as being what is of especial interest to the psychologist.