chapter  Chapter Three
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Speculative Judgment

WithGreg Mogenson

This chapter examines yet another of psychology’s courtroom fantasies. It deals with Sigmund Freud’s provocative comparison of the analyst to the criminal. Freud’s understanding of psychoanalysis was not fully up to his comment to Pfister in which he likens the analyst to a criminal. The courtroom of psychology, the courtroom of the soul, is not a place over there, set off in a particular building, abstracted from life, in the manner of a literal courtroom. Wherever two or more are gathered under that rubric of some name, there the courtroom will be in their midst, rendering a judgment as to whether this name is the right or true name via a speculative process of thinking over the unity and difference of the mediating moments that this name or concept claims to cover. In the case of psychology having figured itself as a courtroom, there is indeed something verdict-like and courtroom-esque about psychology.