chapter  Chapter Four
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From Onslaught to the Witness Box

Repercussions to Truth: Psychology as Counsel for the Defence
WithGreg Mogenson

While continuing to reflect upon what it means for psychology that it has dreamt of the courtroom, this chapter aims to treat also of the clinical situation. The first thing to be noted is the contrasting character which the key words and phrases of our Jung text display when they are considered on their own. “Onslaught from outside” suggests the physical movement of bodies in space, “repercussions in the psyche” some kind of reflexive action or instinctual process. Consciousness, a.k.a., mindedness, psychology, self, and soul emerge in the first place via the negation and sublation of these. The chapter presents an example of the self-constitution of consciousness via the negation and verification of its own provenance that is taken from Matthew’s gospel. What Jung calls “the other in us” and “the problem of the opposites” finds its verification, its access to truth, in its being grasped in accordance with Hegel’s insight concerning the philosophical proposition or speculative sentence.