chapter  Chapter Five
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Criminality and Psychology

WithGreg Mogenson

C. G. Jung in “Crime and the Soul” presents some of the insights he had gained from the criminal cases that had come to his attention during the course of his career. This chapter discusses the communal meaning of soul in its relation to crime. While in “Crime and the Soul” Jung merely hints at this by means of a few anecdotes, elsewhere in his writings the insight he imparted in this manner is corroborated with more explicit statements. Jung’s reference to the soul in his “Crime and the Soul” article has its empirical touchstone in the phenomenon of dual personality. Knowing all about the psychic factors that a human life is heir to, psychology has tended to forget about its higher determination as a discipline of truth. Psychology dreams of the courtroom in order to restore the difference between a pop-psychology that is largely indistinguishable from professional psychology and a truly psychological psychology.