chapter  Chapter Eight
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Once More the Shine on Binder’s Head

WithGreg Mogenson

Psychology is a speculative discipline in that, transcending its own diremption into two, it is always on both the subject side and the object or predicate side of the ordinarily prevailing difference of consciousness. Irreverent and ironizing, psychology when it is at its best is as handsome as was the murderer in G. W. F. Hegel’s story. Psychology is the logically negative successor of the God-positing mode of thought which had previously held sway and of the marriage, family, and soul-invested individual who were faithfully grounded in such thought. Although psychology arises in the wake of the religion that proceeded it, it does not wait in the bushes as something ready-made. Rather, it is the speculative result of this pattern becoming transparent to itself on a whole new level. Psychology is post-religiously the result of religion’s own self-negating freeing itself from itself.