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“It’s Not Me, It’s You”: From the Personal to the Collective Double
WithEran Dorfman

This epilogue presents some key concepts given in the book. The book argues that the double is the mediating force between me and the Other. A change of perspective from the personal to the collective does not mean that the former should be set aside. On the contrary, if the double can serve as a bridge between me and the Other, it can also connect the individual with the social sphere. Thus, it allows a better understanding of how such mechanisms as duplication, identification, and projection operate not only between individuals but also between groups of people, thus challenging the premises of identity politics. The double is initially conceived of as an obstacle, a haunting figure that one attempts to fight and overcome, alas in vain. The transformation of the double from a foe into a friend can be achieved only through a laborious and continuous process of abandoning one’s narcissism and opening up to one’s inner and outer doubles.