chapter  7
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Final remarks

The philosophical foundations of freedom of choice and personal autonomy and the specific affiliation of the mandated-choice model to them
ByAntonios Karampatzos

As a specific form of ‘mild’ paternalism, the mandated-choice model pays tribute to private autonomy. It does not have the coercive character of mandatory law, where no opting out is possible. On the other hand, it appears to be immune to criticism for manipulating people’s choices, unlike some default rules that operate behind people’s back. In my opinion, this model sits comfortably in the liberal tradition of Kant and Mill, which I generally endorse. At the same time, this model is appropriate for eliminating, or at least attenuating, some systematic instances of misbehaving in concrete transactional situations and life decisions. Admittedly, though, it is not a panacea. At the end of the book, I illustrate my approach by referring to Odysseus’ adventures, in an attempt to link them to the mandated-choice model and the more general discussion of ‘mild’ paternalism.