chapter  21
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WithMin Ding

Intellectual Arbitrage (abbreviated as arbitrage) is a Tier 2 Method (T2M) that involves examining two or more contexts that are similar in some respects and evaluating available solutions in these contexts. The goal is to learn from good solutions in other contexts and to use part or all of these solutions to modify or generate a new solution for another context. T2M.Arbitrage uses analogous solutions from different contexts to help to solve the focal problem. This chapter discusses 5 T3Ms, one for unaddressed needs, one for creating alternative embodiments, and three with potential to address the whole range of objectives. The T3Ms are organized into two categories based on the specific search variables. The two T3Ms in the first category focus on applying crossover principles to multiple existing solutions. The three T3Ms in the second category focus on mimicry, which involves using a good solution from a different context to come up with a new solution for the focal context.