chapter  4
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Application Guidelines

WithMin Ding

This chapter describes a set of core guidelines (G1-G9) when using logical creative thinking (LCT). The guidelines include: starting points and ending points; deconstruction, component innovation, and reconstruction; forward search; reverse search; iterative search; multiple-to-multiple correspondence; screening based on preset rules; individual and group formats; and incentive alignment and gamification. The guidelines G1 and G2 concern pre-search preparation; G3–G6 relate to the search process; G7 helps to define when search activities should stop; and G8 and G9 are LCT formats. LCT innovation typically occurs at the component level, although in some cases it may occur at the solution level. Different approaches can be used to deconstruct a starting point to identify different components, and an explorer should try to deconstruct a starting point using more than one approach to broaden the search.