chapter  5
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WithMin Ding

Logical creative thinking (LCT) methods are organized into three tiers. This chapter provides an overview of LCT methods, followed by descriptions of Tier 1 Methods (T1Ms) and Tier 2 Methods (T2Ms). It presents an overview of innovation objectives and discusses Tier 3 Methods (T3Ms). Each method has two critical elements: a conceptual framework with an underlying logic; and general protocols (processes) for usage. T1Ms are based on the fundamental innovation principles from the natural sciences. T2Ms can be used directly in searches with specific search protocols. T3Ms are T2Ms that have been tailored to closed (objective-specific) searches. The search algorithm for a particular T2M is focused on achieving a specific objective. Importantly, many different T2Ms can be tailored to achieve a specific objective. A T2M may not be suitable for all objectives and typically can be applied most productively for a subset of objectives.