chapter  9
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WithMin Ding

Reduction is an intra-component Tier 2 Method (T2M) that reduces or removes certain aspects of a solution, at either the component or the solution level. The search algorithm involves examining components and the overall solution to identify aspects of structure, function, and quantity that can be reduced or removed. Typical variables that can changed are: conflicting and/or undesirable core and non-core components, human involvement, functionality, and scale (quantity) and scope. This chapter discusses 12 T3Ms organized into four categories based on the specific search variables. The first category focus on core components of a starting point, often in relationship to non-core components. The second category focus on reducing human involvement. The third category focus on reducing a solution’s functionality, and the fourth category focus on reducing the scale and/or scope of a solution’s availability. The T3Ms has been used quite successfully in advertising.