chapter  3
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The means of the designed environment

Step 4
ByYoram Harpaz

The aims of the educational environment that were narrated and defined in the three steps of chapter 2 must be implemented and reflected in the means of education. Otherwise, as so often is the case, they will remain hollow rhetoric. There are six principal educational means—the levers of the school’s work: the curriculum, the pattern of teaching, the method of assessment, the organizational structure, the educational climate, and the physical conditions. Step 4 demonstrates that each one of these means is charged with different essence depending on which of the three distinct aims—socializing, acculturating, or individuating—were defined by the designers in the previous steps. The analysis cites to the work of numerous academics is each of the sub-disciplines and demonstrates the extent to which their approaches align with or diverge from the three educational meta-narratives.