chapter  4
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Monitoring the design

Steps 5 and 6
ByYoram Harpaz

Steps 5 and 6 seek to reinforce designers’ engagement as reflective practitioners. Prior to its implementation, the designed program should be examined from two perspectives: coherence and adaptation. The principle of cohesion is inward looking: it aims to transform the educational environment into an environment of closely-knit connections. The perspective of adaptation, on the other hand, looks outward: considering whether the designed environment is adapted to the expectations and capacities of the particular socio-cultural environment—of parents, students, teachers, the local authorities, the Department or Ministry of Education, the society and culture in general.

In the final step of the philosophical-practical method of designing an educational environment, designers monitor their theoretical planning in the light of its implementation. By so doing, designers will engage in an ongoing process of learning about and improving their program.