chapter  1
18 Pages

Interweaving the Human and Natural Worlds

WithAndrew Tempany, Tom Armour

Nature-based solutions can be thought of as a design approach that considers and responds to the effects and problems of modern development. It promotes a sensibility that accepts the interwoven worlds of the human and the natural, and seeks to create more intelligently designed human environments in harmony with the environment. The global recession of 2008 has resulted in policies and programmes which often create a direct challenge to meeting the needs of the natural environment. The work involved in making nature-based projects happen is multi-layered and complex. It requires skilful coordination and a ‘big picture’ view to consider everything in context so that each design element can coexist rather than conflict. The value of our natural resources often seems to be taken for granted. The chapter looks at how a growing research and evidence base, largely carried out over the last two decades, has built a compelling case for nature.