chapter  2
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A Framework for Green Infrastructure

WithAndrew Tempany, Tom Armour

Multifunctional urban green infrastructure (GI) networks can be a way to facilitate the development of city food systems and supply chains, particularly regarding city hinterlands and peri-urban opportunities for sustainable farming. The partnership has also collaborated with the Greater London Authority to demonstrate how the mayor’s policy framework can be translated into practice, exploring and implementing innovative ways to further green the city. Arup developed a Functional Value Matrix to assist in the delivery of green infrastructure that is multifunctional, with considerations for climate resilience, wellbeing and social value. The matrix provides a way to value green space and monitor progress against the targets set. Consider green infrastructure projects in the most lateral sense, exploring and seeking the widest range of benefits, recognising that other GI benefits, such as water storage or local food, also have benefits for climate-change adaptation.