chapter  3
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Key Principles for Nature-Based Solutions

WithAndrew Tempany, Tom Armour

Making nature-based solutions a mainstream activity in the planning and design of the built environment in cities requires a cultural shift. Strategies and plans will also need to consider how to retrofit resilience and nature-based solutions into existing city environments. A strategic plan will also allow resources and finance to be arranged that feed into a common goal to incrementally achieve the nature-based vision or strategy for a city. Creating healthy places, especially in urban environments, is about connecting people to nature. The benefits of introducing nature-based solutions should be measurable and evidence-based, to present the case for investment in projects that build resilient, city-wide green networks. A long-term view is also required from all involved in the planning, design and management of the built environment in cities. The master plan had similar goals to the 1996 plan and was designed to support that work, but with a focus on the urbanised 51km stretch of river within the city limits.