chapter  4
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Making it Happen: Embedding Nature-Based Solutions in each Work Stage of a Project

WithAndrew Tempany, Tom Armour

An intelligent gap analysis and identification of how nature-based solutions and green infrastructure are already addressed in the spatial plan can provide a great grounding for making nature-based policies and proposals that complement. Monitoring and review, evaluation of project benefits, gains and lessons learned are other fundamental building blocks for delivering nature-based solutions and developing nature-based/green infrastructure networks. The process of planning, design and delivery for nature-based projects must be both engaging and able to excite interest. Engagement should occur at several points in the process of strategically planning nature-based solutions. Establishing design principles and writing a good design brief is vital to delivering nature-based-solutions principles in a strategic vision or green infrastructure strategy. For nature-based solutions, a specialist landscape contractor is required. There are landscape contractors who can take on a wide range of work, but also many specialists in areas such as the installation and maintenance of green walls, green roofs and nature areas.