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Final Words

WithAndrew Tempany, Tom Armour

Progress is not progress if it comes at the cost of the life-support systems that are essential to sustain our communities and ways of life for current and future generations, or if it results in irretrievable damage to our planet and its precious, finite resources. The conventional view of the city is as the highest expression of civilisation. Civilisation can only really be complete if we learn to coexist with and understand the natural world, its systems and processes. Engaging people in the quest for healthier and more resilient urban environments is vital. It could be argued that the language used around climate change and the climate emergency should be less about temperature targets and emission values, as many find these intangible concepts, difficult to directly relate to. Healthy environments enable people to enjoy and contribute to the quality of their surroundings, to do things that refresh their spirits and engender physical and mental wellbeing.