chapter  4
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From antisemitism and anti-Zionism to Moledet

WithDavid Ohana

This chapter would examine important questions regarding the status of the Israeli Homeland through the lenses of one of the ideas of the esteemed historian Robert Wistrich. Wistrich’s primary claim was that the original Zionists – Herzl, Pinsker, Nordau and others – saw antisemitism as the greatest problem of Jewish existence, and the reason for this was the attitude of the nations of the world to the Jews among them. They believed that a Jewish state could create a situation of “normalization” for both the Jews and the world where antisemitism was concerned. But antisemitism proved to be a much greater problem, deeply rooted in the historical consciousness of western civilization, than could be solved by a national state. The following chapter offers an analysis of the interrelation between Zionism and antisemitism.