chapter  12
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Financing resources

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

In this chapter, the authors focus on the last element in the financial planning process: the finance projection. This prognosis allows people to identify the resources that will best fit our funding needs. The authors discuss the available funding options, including loans, credit and subsidies. The prognosis people make in this phase of financial planning identifies what sort of funding people will need and when people will need it. The amount of finance needed can be considerable for both parties in any export transaction, often far more than people can easily cover by liquidity. The programma voor starters op buitenlandse markten runs a program for starters in the foreign trade arena which is aimed at encouraging the exploration of new markets. It provides funding (subsidies and loans) so that people can undertake various research activities and projects. Pre-financing covers all the financial resources required in the trajectory prior to delivery. After-financing covers the financial resources required after delivery takes places.