chapter  13
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Organizational consequences and the action plan

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

This chapter presents an overview of the action plan. It focuses particularly on what it takes to safeguard progress of the plan and on what goes into changing the company culture. An action plan contains the tactics used to execute export strategy. It lists the operations or concrete steps that people undertake to make sure people really do attain our strategic objectives. In contrast, the action plan – or operational plan – reduces strategic objectives to concrete components that are realizable in the short-term, mostly one-year periods that are easy to manage and control. Write an action plan for the coming year showing a monthly breakdown of activities (projects), including who does what by when, and the financial consequences. Evaluation of the action plan must take place on a regular basis. Every month people should check if our activity/project leaders are on target to meet their deadlines, and also verify whether the financial estimates match the realized results.