chapter  1
9 Pages

Preparing for export

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

In this chapter, the authors look at what the Dutch government is doing to stimulate Dutch exports and they deal in some depth with the phases of export development. They show people a very handy export questionnaire and provide the link to an equally handy export scan. The authors also discuss how people might employ business trainees to help get our export endeavor started. According to the Central Office for Statistics, Dutch industry can expect exports to increase in the near future. Industry leaders are basing this expectation on the number of overseas orders they have received and their own positions with regard to filling orders. An export plan is a blueprint for developing international trade. In order to formulate our plan, people need to research the possibilities, opportunities and threats, and the chances of our company being successful in the foreign market. The export plan turns our exporting ideas into concrete action.