chapter  2
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Internal analysis

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

The strengths are the knowledge, skills and means that fit the needs and wants of present and potential customers and which competitors do not have or not as strongly as people do. If people are strong in these areas, people are able to generate a larger market share and higher profits. Internal analysis gives people insight into the opportunities and limitations for export, as they apply to our company. Each exporter will have different questions that apply to his own situation. The point of using this checklist is that it allows people to clarify and define the strengths and weaknesses of our company. Once these have become transparent, when people fully know and understand what our company can and cannot do, then people will be able to adapt it comfortably for the foreign market. Realistically, the analysis of our company’s position would be incomplete without taking into account vital external (environmental) factors.