chapter  5
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Consolidating conclusions

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

SWOT analysis and its allied confrontation matrix helps to consolidate information on the export market. The SMART model helps peoples to formulate, evaluate and if necessary adjust their export objectives. It enables peoples to measure whether they are meeting their objectives, which is also an important element of the planning process. Objectives should be attainable, yet they should also contain a certain challenge. If challenge is lacking, there is a danger the organization will fall asleep. Objectives must be reasonable, as otherwise staff will become discouraged, indifferent or frustrated. Set realistic targets on our planning horizon (e.g. three years) for measuring the company’s progress in the international field. With the help of the turnover and cost prognosis people can determine whether the short-term export plans are commercially interesting, and whether the objectives (increasing profit, more turnover, larger market share), people had in mind will be indeed realized through export.