chapter  6
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Entering the market

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

In this chapter, the authors briefly describe the most commonly used methods, such as direct and indirect export and various other legal constructions, and indicate the major advantages and disadvantages. In direct export, using our own sales representatives has obvious benefits, because in-house staff will be totally familiar with the characteristics of our product or service. Often the best sales reps are sent abroad (as a reward) but this not necessarily the best approach. Most exporters, however, choose to follow the indirect export route, and make use of middlemen of some kind, be it a distributor (wholesaler) or sales people living in the importing country. The wholesaler imports, stocks and distributes the product, and takes care of warranties and follow-up orders. Export is initially a challenging aspect of doing business and requires lots of creativity, perseverance, not to mention a bit of good luck.