chapter  7
12 Pages

Export marketing mix

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

This chapter deals with the various tools in the marketing mix and the way they are formulated. People must (re)define these tools for individual export markets. Authors have highlighted a number of aspects that will enable people to acquire a strategic market position in each foreign market. Companies focusing on foreign markets often apply market segmentation. This divides the market into smaller groups or submarkets. These submarkets consist of customers with the same needs, wants and response to the marketing mix. Pricing policy also takes into account such matters as possible competitive price strategies in the foreign market, (anticipated) demand in the export market, the exporting country’s level of income, and possible inflation. Using intermediate distributors gives people less influence and leeway on the realization of the international distribution mix. Therefore international distribution, together with the pertinent delivery terms, is an essential factor within in the larger context of export marketing.