chapter  8
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Delivering the goods

WithMarlies Harlaar, Otto de Leeuw

Initially most exporters like to keep transportation in their own hands. After all, people know our own product and its transport requirements the best and, people still don’t know how the export market will develop. People could outsource the whole job to a shipping agent who will provide many services, from dealing with all the paperwork to pre-paying duties and excise, as well as storing goods in transit at freight or distribution centers. Goods are packed at these freight centers, loaded in containers and onto a truck, rail car or ship. Road transport is popular with both suppliers and businesses. Most transport companies provide scheduled delivery and next-day delivery services, depending upon our needs. Transportation by rail is less flexible than by road. It is slower and the routes are pre-determined. It is very useful for heavy goods such as coal and iron ore, chalk and salt.