chapter  7
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Human Resource Management

ByJos Marcus, Nick van Dam

The managerial approach aimed at an integrated approach to strategic management and people’s qualities in an organisation is known as Human Resource Management (HRM). HR functions in an organisation comprise the following instruments: recruitment, career development, learning and development, assessment, and offboarding of employees. A characteristic of Human Resource Management is that these personnel instruments are integrated with an organisation’s strategic management. Maintaining organisational flexibility demands employee mobility. Career development is an important component of Human Resource Management; it is an interplay between manager, supervisor, and employee. Professor of Strategic Human Resource Management Judith Semeijn studies career sustainability. The HRM-approach places the responsibility for the proper development and training of employees squarely with the direct line manager. Talent management can be seen as a type of HRM instrument that encompasses the other discussed instruments but is applied to a very specific target group.