chapter  8
48 Pages

Individuals and Groups

ByJos Marcus, Nick van Dam

This chapter focuses on people at the level of the individual and of the group. It deals with general structural definitions, such as what constitutes a group, possible kinds of groups, and different group characteristics. A general definition of the concept of emotional intelligence is ‘a series of non-cognitive capacities, competencies and skills that influence an individual’s success and their ability to meet demands and combat environmental pressure’. There are three distinct approaches to stress prevention or reduction, namely the organisational approach, the individual problem-solving approach, and handling and managing stress. Individual stress management is aimed at decreasing a person’s susceptibility to stress, not at solving the problems that cause stress. Apart from the quantity of work, the chance of burnout is much larger if there is increasing frequency and intensity of contact, especially in situations without positive feedback. Individuals need affirmation and clarity from their clients and their organisations.