chapter  9
88 Pages

Leadership and Management

ByJos Marcus, Nick van Dam

Within a growing organisation a need may arise to separate operational control from leadership. Middle management is important as it is tasked with implementing general policy and, often, with providing direct leadership to the executive branch. The educational levels of employees will continue to rise to meet the higher standards required and, as a consequence, current management leadership styles will be challenged. In addition to the forms of participation, every organisation is subject to work meetings: regular, direct discussions between group management and executives that cover work and working conditions at a department. Decision-making techniques and decision-supporting systems can be used to simplify or accelerate the process of finding the right solutions to a number of problems. Simulation models can also be used as an aid for decision-making and policy development. Since the tasks of middle management are continually shifting towards policy formulation, there is a definite need for strategic information.