chapter  11
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ByJos Marcus, Nick van Dam

Structuring involves creating an organisational structure in which people and resources are utilised optimally in order to reach the organisation’s objectives. An organisational structure defines tasks, competencies, and responsibilities, and establishes the patterns of relationships between positions. Work structuring is closely linked to the relationship that exists between staff needs and organisational targets. Work structuring has attracted the attention of researchers for a long time, and its central themes have developed in line with changes in society and attitude. One could therefore say that such a diagram is a simplified reproduction of the formal organisational structure. An organisational diagram enables one to obtain an overall insight into the organisational structure and the functioning of the organisation. An organisation can be described based on a number of characteristics, including organisational structure, division of tasks, authority, responsibility, power and decision-making style. To a large extent, a mechanistic organisational system resembles a machine in its structure and functioning.