chapter  6
22 Pages

The Future of Work

ByJos Marcus, Nick van Dam

This chapter addresses work developments, and the meaning of those developments for people and organisations. Psylaris wants to use virtual reality to make psychological aid more efficient and accessible. New technologies, apart from being a disruptive agent, also impact economic growth. Developments in the field of technology and new business models are expected to have a fundamental impact on existing and future jobs, varying from job creation to job disappearance. Technological skills are changing the swiftest. An expected 50% of all substantive knowledge gained in the first year of a technical study will be obsolete by the time of graduation. The conditions for the realisation of the positive scenario are that organisations need to rapidly embrace new technologies, and that the workforce needs to rapidly engage in (re)education and (re)training. It is expected that every employed citizen of the Netherlands will be faced with increasing automation and robotization.