chapter  3
26 Pages

Stimuli Inducing Aggregation of Luminophores

WithNeetu Tripathi, Manoj Kumar Goshisht

There exist multifarious and numerous stimuli-responsive materials. Interestingly, a large variety of luminophores have been reported to be “stimuli-responsive” materials. Their luminescence properties alter in response to the external stimuli or environmental variations. All these stimuli have been widely employed in the design and preparation of responsive materials. The motivation behind these materials design is that external application of stimulus can be controlled and localized to a specific location. The particular focus has been to apply these materials for technological applications. In this chapter, the newly emerged stimuli-responsive systems with relevant examples, as well as those that elucidate interesting aspects of the aggregation process or its potential applications are discussed. In terms of the stimulus/stimuli that they respond to, the discussion in this subsection will be divided into seven small parts: solvent, ion, light, heat, concentration, pH, and miscellaneous. Finally, conclusions and future outlook are presented and discussed.