chapter  2
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Urban Neighborhoods Guarantee Deer Occupation

WithClark E. Adams, Cassandra LaFleur Villarreal

Deer are of special significance in urban and suburban America, regardless of their zoogeographic distributions. They share a common legacy in terms of those factors that contributed to their prominence in urban America; the human response to their presence; ecological impacts on their habitats; human health and safety issues; and feasible and acceptable management strategies. This chapter discusses reduce the complexities of the issues by highlighting the principal components involved when deer become urban exploiters. Urban deer populations in North America represent one of the challenging problems facing wildlife managers today and in the future. The census process begins by establishing zones of contact with the local deer population using a plat map of an urban community. One of the most difficult tasks in urban deer management is to obtain credible statewide estimates of deer numbers. Estimated populations may be presented as ranges to denote the difficulty and levels of uncertainty in gathering an estimate over a large spatial scale.