chapter  3
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Overabundant Urban Deer

WithClark E. Adams, Cassandra LaFleur Villarreal

Managing an urban deer herd requires knowledge of the scope of the problem within urban communities. There are some similarities and differences as to how and why the deer management process is conducted in urban areas when compared to rural areas. Wildlife management in urban versus natural rural habitats is somewhat similar, but vastly different in many cases. Population dynamics is the study of the factors that predict or explain a species’ presence, abundance, and concentrations in a particular habitat. White-tailed deer represent a conservation success story, in that their numbers rebounded from near extinction to the thriving populations we see today, particularly in urban neighborhoods. There are both nonlethal and lethal options for managing deer in an urban landscape. Fertility control is a popular choice among urban residents for managing overabundant urban deer herds. Hunting is an effective method for controlling overabundant urban deer.