chapter  4
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Urban Deer Management Planning

Process, Progress, and Problems
WithClark E. Adams, Cassandra LaFleur Villarreal

There are many communities throughout the United States that are in one of three stages in the urban deer management process. Prior to developing an urban deer management plan, it is instructive to understand those factors that contribute to deer abundance in North America. In general, management plans should be focused on reduction and control of deer populations and to reduce related damage. Different communities will need different plans that best fit existing conditions. Most communities have adopted urban deer management plans that are a combination of getting at the root cause and attacking the symptoms. Urban deer management plans can be utilized on many levels. Although many states are currently experiencing urban deer problems, only 37% of the management plans are implemented on the state level. The key to involvement is a commitment to urban deer management. Commitment can be in the form of education and outreach, funding, and/or governmental support.