chapter  Chapter 8
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The Future of Cryptoeconomics

WithJian Gong, Wei Xu

Steam engines provided power for human beings. Internet provided the computational platform for humans beings, and the blockchain will solve the credit problem for human beings. Intermediators exist because of the asymmetry of market information and the lack of trust between market counterparties. The ecological development of cryptoeconomics will greatly change the cooperation between people, the cooperation in the groups and between the groups, and even the cooperation between the state and the country. The value units used to motivate and punish, and design the conditional logic in different scenarios in the form of smart contract codes to achieve results that are unachievable. For example, Signals, a trading strategy market, can achieve the goals through cryptoeconomics, and Signals uses its local token SGN to create a reward system. Thinking about blockchain space from the cryptoeconomical point of view is very helpful.