chapter  Chapter Seven
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Once More, the Reality/Irreality Issue

A Reply to Hillman’s Reply1
WithWolfgang Giegerich

The reader is likely to apperceive its ideas within the accustomed framework of early archetypal psychology and not within the horizon that they are conceived in. So the paper should actually be seen as no more than an appetizer for the first or both books. Advertising, Virtual Reality, Cyberspace, bumper stickers, ideologies, plastic flowers are only too real (ontologically). But that does not mean that logically they are in the same status of realness as, for example, a Greek temple or a Gothic cathedral. What is real in one sense can nevertheless be phony in another. The way psyche originally created reality every day was through ritual, through actual behavior in gathering and preparing food, building houses, organizing society, and relating to the natural world and to the dead.