chapter  5
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Responses of the SAARC member countries

WithBaniateilang Majaw

This chapter examines the response of the member states of SAARC with regard to the policy initiatives on climate change. Individual SAARC countries have approved action plans specific to their own needs with regard to floods, drought, and food shortage. Prominent among them are Afghanistan’s NAPA; the Bhutan Vision 2020 and its NEPA; Bangladesh’s BCCSAP and NFPPA; Sri Lanka’s NCCAS, NFP, AP, EPSL, and the NPAQM; the Maldives’ NAPA, Strategic Plan of Action, and Safe Island programme; India’s NAPCC, ICDS, PDS, MDMS, NFP, and NGT; NSSD of Nepal; the NDMO, National Disaster Management Act and National Climate Policy of Pakistan. Together, these efforts are the evidence showing the SAARC countries have responded by espousing policy initiatives in addressing the issue of climate change they have done so based on their individual needs and capacities.