chapter  6
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Climate change and regional cooperation in SAARC

Problems and prospects
WithBaniateilang Majaw

In this chapter, the problems and prospects that SAARC is facing while dealing with climate change have been discussed. Though climate change has been in focus right from its early summits, there is not much in terms of concrete outcomes. There has been very little progress in implementing those policies/initiatives. The reasons behind this are that SAARC cannot generate enough funds and doesn’t have enough reliable data. There is also a serious shortage of strategies at the national level in implementing the espoused policies/initiatives. However, despite being poor countries all the member states of SAARC have sought to generate funds to address the issue. Several international donors such as the ICIMOD, WB, ADB, and other agencies have been actively engaged in missions to reduce the risk of the threats that arise from climate change in South Asia.