chapter  Chapter 10
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I Need to Go to Church

WithDavid B. Resnik

Becoming a hospice volunteer has helped the author learn to trust that still small voice inside of him. We all have different names for that voice but whatever we call that voice, we all sometimes look to it for moral guidance. The author had a hospice patient whose wife wanted him to visit them on a Sunday morning to take care of her ailing husband so that she could visit the church. Initially the author told her he cannot come on Sunday but would come later in the week. Later that night, as the author was saying a few prayers before bedtime, he heard a voice telling him to visit the patient on Sunday. The author felt an anxious and urgent feeling inside him. He had to listen to that voice. So he listened, and he obeyed. Subsequent to the Sunday visit, the author visited the patient on Tuesday but the patient had died a little before his arrival.