chapter  Chapter 13
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He Was a Helluva Ballplayer

WithDavid B. Resnik

Almost all of the hospice patients whom the author had known were aware that they were dying. One of the patients that the author knew was alert, conscious, honest, open, and talkative, but he was totally unaware that he was dying. The patient's favorite subject was sports. He was a star baseball player at Penn State University, and he also played baseball while serving in the army during World War II. The author visited the patient almost every week from May to December 2003. By the third week of December, the author had visited him for more than six months, and was beginning to wonder when he would pass away. After what was to be his last visit, the author found out that the patient had died in his sleep the night after he had visited. The author will always think of him when he watches the Yankees or the Kinston Indians play. He was a helluva ballplayer.