chapter  Chapter 14
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WithDavid B. Resnik

For many people, the death of a pet is their first significant experience with grief. Probably everyone remembers when their cat, dog, fish, bird, hamster, or horse died. The author and his family were planning a twelve-day family vacation to Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. They knew that they could not take of their pet dog on the trip and that it would be very risky to leave the animal with someone. So, they decided that they would have him put to sleep before they left for their trip. When that fateful day came, they all went to the veterinarian's office. The family held the dog closely as the veterinarian gave him some injections to sedate him and then stop his breathing. They said "good-bye" and "I love you" as he became calmer, quieter, and then, finally, at peace.