chapter  Chapter 8
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Give Yourself Some Living Room

WithDavid B. Resnik

As a teacher volunteering for hospice, the author only once had a patient who was also a teacher. The patient was a teacher, but not in the usual sense. He did not teach elementary school, high school, or college or university students but taught truck drivers how to handle their rigs and the basics of driver safety. A piece of advice that the patient gave the author still sticks in his mind: “Give yourself some living room.” This rule is easy to understand, but rarely followed in today’s hurried society. According to the patient, the society has lost its way on the road and in life. People want to get somewhere so fast that they forget how to treat one another along the way. They forget about safety. They forget about civility. They forget about honor. They forget about fairness. They even forget how to relax and have fun.