chapter  Chapter 14
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Sampling Pest and Beneficial Arthropods of Apple

WithElizabeth H. Beers, Larry A. Hull, Vincent P. Jones

Interest in sampling and monitoring in apple pest management has been intense for the past 2 decades. The tufted apple bud moth is a serious direct pest of apples in the mid-Atlantic region of the US and is of lesser importance throughout other eastern and midwestern states. Apple rust mite is studied in the context of both a pest (feeding on fruit and leaves) and a beneficial (an alternate prey source for predatory mites, especially phytoseiids). The rosy apple aphid is the most serious pest of the aphid complex attacking apple throughout North America. The green apple aphid is a secondary indirect pest of apple and is widely distributed throughout North America and the world. In all fruit-growing areas the aphids overwinter as eggs, which are shiny and black and cannot be differentiated from the other two species (rosy apple aphid and apple grain aphid, Rhopalosiphum fitchii (Sanderson)) overwintering on apple.