chapter  Chapter 16
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Sampling Arthropod Pests in Field Corn

WithJon J. Tollefson, Dennis D. Calvin

Regardless of the reason, Fisher and Bergman concluded the larval sampling unit should include a corn plant. When used in a corn rootworms (CRW) management program, egg sampling offers the advantages of providing a longer period of time over which to sample-fall and spring-and it leaves open more control options. There has been speculation that egg sampling could be used to supplement more cost efficient sampling techniques for making the final management decisions in fields that are very close to the economic threshold. Foster et al. developed a scheme and evaluated the economics of using sequential sampling to sample adult CRW for predicting the need for taking management actions. Unlike egg mass and larval sampling to assess potential or estimated damage, larval sampling to initialize the model requires a landscape approach to sampling rather than sampling within an individual field. The economics of European corn borer management is site specific and dependent on a number of variables.