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Sampling Programs for Soybean Arthropods

WithMichael R. Zeiss, Thomas H. Klubertanz

Specifically, the authors focus on ways to make soybean sampling programs more acceptable to growers and commercial scouts. Nonetheless, the lack of grower-acceptable sampling programs is one of the major roadblocks to soybean integrated pest management. Many excellent resources are available for anyone developing sampling programs for soybean arthropods. Minor pests should not be neglected when developing sampling programs. In other words, researchers must invest time, labor, and money to gather the data necessary to develop efficient sampling programs. Regardless, three directions for soybean sampling should prove fruitful in the future: developing programs for additional species, improving sampling efficiency, and improving delivery systems to make sampling programs simpler to implement. The need for this research justifies investment of effort to develop sampling programs for minor pests. However, no sampling programs are available for making soybean treatment decisions based on both pest and natural enemy densities.