chapter  Chapter 20
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Sampling Arthropod Pests in Vegetables

WithJohn T. Trumble

Covering all of the sampling programs for insect pests in vegetable cropping systems is impossible, and this chapter focuses on some representative systems which provide insight into how sampling programs have evolved. Many vegetables are grown in short-term plantings of considerable value. Foliage- and fruit-feeding arthropods are among the most diverse and destructive pests occurring on vegetables. Tomatoes destined for the North American market are grown primarily in California, Florida, and in the state of Sinaloa on the west coast of Mexico. Unlike Florida, where primarily fresh market tomatoes are produced, California and Sinaloa have extensive plantings of processing tomatoes. Environmental conditions also are variable, with Florida and Sinaloa experiencing occasional rainfall and high relative humidity, while California's tomatoes are grown during the dry season when rain is uncommon and humidity is low. Sampling programs for the immature stages of armyworms and fruitworms are quite variable between the production areas.